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New for Florida Hospital!
  • ZevalinTM for Recurrent/Refractory Non-Hogkin's Lymphoma
  • GliasiteTM Brain Tumor Brachytherapy System
  • Breast Care Program

    We at Florida Oncology Network, P.A., in colloboration with the Florida Hospital Cancer Institute are proud in helping to bring to central Florida a variety of new cancer treatment programs and techniques.
  • Florida Hospital treats the largest number of women in the state with a new diagnosis of breast cancer. Our Breast Care Program, a multidisciplinary approach to the care of the woman with breast cancer, has received strong praise from our patients and the surrounding medical community.

    Until recently, the treatment results of patients with recurrent or refractory (unresponsive to conventional chemotherapy) non-Hodgkin's lymphoma has been disappointing. ZevalinTM, is the first radioimmunotherapy agent approved by the FDA. Radioimmunotherapy is a new area of cancer treatment that combines the targeting power of monoclonal antibodies with the cell-killing ability of localized radiation.

    Florida Hospital has a full array of the latest treatment techniques and research protocols for the treatment of primary brain tumors and cancers metastatic to the brain. In addition to our strong Gamma Knife stereotactic radiosurgery program, we now offer treatment with the GliasiteTM Brachytherapy System. This technique is yet another approach for delivering highly localized radiotherapy to a tumor resection cavity.

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