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The delivery of radiation therapy depends in its sophistication on the imaging modalities available.  In the era of 2 dimensional imaging e.g. Chest X-ray, IVP, Barium enema, etc., most radiation therapy was given through parallel-opposed beams, resulting in large volumes of uninvolved tissues being irradiated.  This limits the dose, which can safely be delivered, and therefore lowers local control of treated tumors.  With the routine use of CT and MRI, these 3-Dimensional imaging modalities are now integrated in the planning and delivery of Radiation Therapy with the help of powerful computer workstations.  This allows for an increase in the radiation dose with better tumor control and fewer complications.  The process starts with the construction of an immobilization device using a thermoplastic mold or mask or a custom foam mold.  After the intended treatment area is outlined on the Simulator, a thin slice CT is performed in the immobilization device and the patient in the treatment position.  After transfer of the images through a data line directly in the computer, a Virtual Patient is reconstructed.  The intended target volume is outlined on the computer and any organs of interest can be marked for subsequent volume rendering and 3 dimensional reconstruction.  Visualization of the tumor as a target and the related organs in 3 dimension enables us to plan the radiation therapy as a volume rather than a slab of tissue and allows for the radiation to be delivered conforming to the shape of the target, using multiple radiation beams that only intersect in the target, thus the name Conformal Radiation therapy.  Patients with tumors that are localized will benefit from this technique, whereas tumors with significant local extension will require treatment volumes too large to benefit from this conformal technique.  Brain tumors, Prostate cancer, Lung cancer have been studied by several research groups and benefit with higher tumor control and lower complication rates.  Florida Oncology Network is pleased to provide 3-D Planning Servicess at the WDMCI located at Florida Hospital Locations and at the Memorial Cancer Center.

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