menu.gif (8381 bytes) Florida Oncology Network physicians are pleased to provide state-of-the-art treatment for prostate cancer patients meeting criteria for radioactive seed implants. This non-surgical approach to prostate cancer treatment allows the physician to treat the cancer with three times more radiation than other traditional methods without hair loss, nausea or vomiting.

Your personal Florida Oncology Network physician works with a multidisciplinary team of radiation oncologists, urologists, and physicists to do the necessary testing to determine the size & shape of the prostate and determine the best treatment plan for you. Using ultrasonography, sophisticated computerized equipment, and highly specialized needles, seeds are implanted in a predetermined pattern, evenly throughout the prostate. This allows the greatest amount of radiation to be used exclusively where the radiation is needed. Side effects are experienced in less than five percent of men who undergo prostate seed implantation.

The procedure generally involves a stay of less than 24 hours in the hospital, and a return to normal activity can be expected in one to three days. Other benefits include little or no pain associated with the procedure. Statistically, approximately 70-80 percent of men with prostate cancer could benefit from prostate seed implants. We welcome the opportunity to meet with you to determine of this service would be of value for you.

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