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Patient Care
Taste Problems

Eliminating problematic tastes:
  • Practicing good mouth care and rinsing the mouth with a solution of salt, baking soda, and warm water before eating helps to eliminate had tastes.
  • Drink fluids with meals to rinse away bad tastes. Fruit-flavored drinks are well tolerated.
  • Use plastic eating utensils and glass or plastic cooking containers if you notice a metallic taste while eating.
  • If red meats seem hitter, substitute chicken, dairy, pork, fish, and eggs as protein sources.
  • Minimize odors that can affect taste by drinking fluids cold and with a straw and by choosing cold foods such as cheese, milkshakes, cold cuts, tuna & egg salad.
  • Retry foods; what tastes "off" this week may work next week.
  • Eat foods cold or at room temperature.
  • Apply peppermint oil under nose prior to eating

    Enhancing flavors:
  • Use more strongly seasoned foods such as Italian, Mexican, curried, or BBQ foods unless you have mouth sores.
  • Tart foods help to overcome metallic tastes. Use lemon, citrus or cranberry juices, and lemon drops. Marinate food in wine, fruit juice, soy or teriyaki Italian dressing or BBQ sauce. Salt decreases the excessive sweetness of sugary foods.

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