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Patient Care

Nausea is a common side effect of radiation therapy especially in the abdominal area. It is usually resolved one week after radiation is completed.

Here are some ideas that may be helpful:
  • Eat small amounts often and slowly
  • Rest after meals, activity may slow digestion
  • Drink fewer liquids with meals; drink or sip fluids throughout the day. It is important that the fluids consumed contain sodium (salt) to help replace any lost with vomiting ie: broth or Gatorade
  • Drink cool or chilled fluids and eat foods at room temperature
  • Avoid greasy foods because they take longer to digest
  • Don't force yourself to eat favorite foods when you feel nauseated because you may dislike them later
  • Try eating crackers, pretzels or toast before getting up if you feel nauseated in the morning
  • Avoid eating 1-2 hours after treatment to help lessen nausea
  • Avoid hot foods as their odors may sometimes make nausea worse
  • (If applicable) Take your nausea medication an half hour before eating
  • Eat slowly so that only small amounts of food enter your stomach at a time
  • Do not force yourself to eat more than you can manage
  • Get fresh air by sitting near an open window or outdoors

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