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Patient Care
Loss of Appetite

Radiation treatment to the chest, breast, abdomen, and pelvic areas sometimes affects the cells in the mouth, stomach and intestines causing foods and liquids to taste differently or you may lose the desire to eat. Your appetite should resume to normal 2-6 wks. After radiation therapy is completed. It is very important that you continue to help your body restore itself.

You may find these suggestions helpful in making mealtimes more enjoying:
  • Stay calm and don't rush meals.
  • Try changing the time, place, and surroundings of meals ie: candlelight dinners, setting a colorful table, listening to soft music.
  • Eat when hungry and add a variety to your menu.
  • Eat small, frequent snacks of the foods you best tolerate, even if not hungry.
  • Eat high protein foods such as milk, eggs, cheese, peanut butter, nuts, dried beans, peas, nonfat dry milk, and egg substitutes.
  • Fat high caloric foods such as cream, butter, margarine, sugar, mayonnaise, sour cream, honey, syrup, and jelly.

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